We are the youth ministry of Transformation Ministries. Here teens can learn how to live a cool life while growing a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. In today’s society, daily attacks contribute to a downfall in the health, morals and emotions of youth and teens worldwide.

Within Transformation Youth, we strive to provide Bible-based solutions that teens can use to equip and transform themselves into the leaders God has called them to be. We make every effort to achieve this by providing day-to-day mentoring relationships, interactive learning environments, and educational as well as emotional support for teens.

We feel it is important that youth learn and holdfast to the promises of God in bright and imaginative ways. In doing this, we ensure that our communities are revived and restored through a continuous in-surge of smart, talented and Spirit-filled youth. Our youth events are designed in a manner that teens can build genuine relationships with peers and become compassionate leaders.

The WKND – Youth Group
Every 2nd Saturday @11:00am

Youth Ministry Topics Include:

  • Finding Your Purpose in Life
  • Picking the Right Career
  • Overcoming Defeat and Failure
  • Building Happy and Healthy Relationshipsd
  • Becoming A Leader Early in Life

For more information about this ministry, email us at hello@tmitacoma.org, or call our administrative office at 253.572.7054