Pursuing God's purpose for our lives

Transformation Ministries is committed to fostering true spiritual growth by creating a culture and empowering young leaders to use the passions and skills that God has given us. We believe that our young adult ministry offer such an opportunity. Through our cadre and small groups, spiritual growth and discipleship take place and leaders are empowered to use the gifts which God has blessed them.

The young adult ministry is not an event you attend or a program you go to. We’re a community of single men and single women who are actively chasing after a relationship with Jesus by pursuing God’s purposes for our lives.

Being in the young adult ministry we understand the needs of those living a young and sometimes vulnerable life. We also understand God’s design for men and women living this exciting stage of life.

Tuesdays 7:00pm
Young Adult Ministry Topics Include:

  • Finding Your Purpose in Life
  • Picking the Right Career
  • Overcoming Defeat and Failure
  • Building Happy and Healthy Relationshipsd
  • Becoming A Leader Early in Life

For more information about this ministry, email us at hello@tmitacoma.org, or call our administrative office at 253.572.7054